How We Work For You

The property management of your property includes 5 major areas of involvement:

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  • Screening & Placement of Tenants
  • Collection of Rents & Deposits
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Property Inspections
  • Accounting

Screening & Placement of Tenants

We offer showing & leasing of your property by procuring a fully qualified tenant, prepare & execute lease agreement and necessary addendums. Each new prospective tenant must meet our stringent qualifications through the tenant screening process. Rest assured, we perform due diligence during the screening process. We check criminal history, verify employment, examine tenancy track record and contact references by contracting a third-party screening company to perform a full background and credit check (with applicant permission) and determine history of eviction. We understand the importance of protecting your investment and always methodically approach the investigation of each tenancy application.

Rent Collection

All rent is due on the 1st day of each month. Late notices are sent on the 6th day and legal action is initiated if the tenant does not make immediate arrangements for rent payment. We know that the collection of rent is one of the most important functions of managing your property.

Maintenance & Repairs

Providing necessary maintenance & repairs is the key to protecting your investment. Our goal is to arrange for competent work to be performed by qualified, licensed & insured professionals at reasonable prices. Secure competitive bids for all work in excess of $300, review bids & provide recommendations to owner.

We also offer routine maintenance plans that can be tailored to satisfy your property and budget demands.

All work is fully documented and receipts are scanned and made available to you online.

Negotiate contracts for services, including utilities, trash removal, landscaping, lawn care, snow removal and other necessary services.

Property Inspections

It is our job to protect your asset. Move-in and Move-out inspections are performed at appropriate times, in addition to the annual inspection of your property and examine both the interior and exterior.


Our web-based property management system enables you to see exactly what has transpired with your property on a monthly basis.

Collect and record all rents, security deposits and pet deposits.

In addition to monthly statements, we also provide you with an annual summary and 1099 for tax purposes. The annual summary shows you each accounting transaction posted to your property during the year, such as total rents received, total maintenance expenses, etc.

Our monthly management fee is automatically deducted from your account each month and is itemized on the Owner’s Statement you will receive.