5 Halloween Ideas For Your Home

With October right around the corner, it’s time to start ramping up for Halloween season! How will you decorate your home or apartment? Don’t worry, I searched the internet high and low and created a list of only the best ideas!

Door Monsters

How fun are these monsters? They are easy as pie to create and very inexpensive. All you need is streamers, construction paper, a pair of scissors, and washi tape. Washi tape is great because it will not pull the paint off of the door when it is time to take down your monster.



Faux Pumpkin Flower Pot

I know I know, this one is not specifically Halloween themed. Isn’t it great though? Classy, simple, and does not require a lot of craft to make. You can find step-by-step directions for this at www.iheartnaptime.com.


Ghostly Staircase

My family would have a difficult time drinking all of that milk, but this idea is fantastic. An exact-o knife, milk jugs, a black sharpie, and battery operated votive candles are all you need to   create this creepy staircase.


Washi Tape Spider Webb

Grab some washi tape and 3D spiders from Target and create this creepy-crawly web.


“Boo” Your Neighbors!

This has to be my favorite on the list today. If you have just moved in and don’t know your neighbors yet, this is an especially great way to get to know them. If you already know your neighbors, well, I’m sure they will still love the goodies.

Here is how it works:

To “boo” someone, you sneak onto their doorstep in the dark of night and leave a small bucket of tricks and treats include a sheet of “booing” instructions for them to discover the next morning. Then, once you’ve been “boo’d” you put a sign on your window (there are dozens of printables on Pinterest) saying you’ve been “boo’d” and do it to 2 more houses.



What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions?

Posted by: EPM on September 26, 2016
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